Navaids vor

Hi guys! who can tell me why the VORs of many airports have disappeared for more than a year? Thanks, have a nice flight.


VORs are added when theres a navigation update. So maybe they will be back soon.

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Nope, there is a bug where some VOR’s are “invisible” examples: IAH (KIAH) LAX (KLAX) FFM (EDDF).


yes but he didnt specify which ones so i just told him the general thing about how VORs are added when not there yet

Its not that simple, there are multiple factors at play. 1 is the glitch Diego mentioned, you can bypass this by adding another fix or airport to your flight plan when trying to enter a VOR, ex enter KLAX LAX and press add to flight plan. Then you can remove KLAX and still have the flight plan.

The other thing is that the FAA has begun to decommission numerous VORs with the transition to primarily RNAV/GPS based navigation, at least in the US.

As of September 20, 2020, FAA had shut down 82 VORs. In Phase 2 of the program, which runs through FY2030, another 225 navaids will be decommissioned.


ah ok i see, thank you for the explanation

no the VOR of Verona Italy is still present (icao code Lipx) and so many others. It was present until a year ago. and despite the updates 🥲🥲

I love flying with the help of the VOR…

Also, there’s a way to get the waypoints into your flight plan if you’re trying to hand input your flight plan. You have to type first VOR and then the letters of the VOR. And then, you hit add to flight plan.



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