NAV1 Wrong Direction

When I select NAV1 as the source, the plane’s nose doesn’t align itself with the runway, but turns in a different direction and flies in the opposite direction. I went to double check the runway I had selected and everything checked out. Any idea what the problem is?
Thank you

Can you tell us the airport and the runway you were going to land on?
Also confirm you’re using the ILS?
Gonna need some more info to understand the issue you’re experiencing

It’s easier to use GPS for the flight. If you want to approach using NAV1, try clicking APPR near 3000ft at the end of the localizer you see on the map. If you didn’t click APPR, it might be why your autopilot is bugging.

Old thread. Please create a new topic if you are experiencing troubles with NAV and A/P. Be sure to visit the Flying Guide for tips, tricks and how-to’s