NAV1 issues

Hi guys,

Still very new to the community but figured things out best i could. I do have an issue with Nav1. When selecting Nav1, doesn’t matter where i am on the map the plane diverts and fly’s in the complete opposite direction.

Is this normal? Will the aircraft eventually turn in the correct direction and intercept the set ILS?

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I’m not sure what heading you and the ILS are on, but you might’ve set NAV 1 at the airport of origin.

Any chance when you do this, LNAV is still enabled?

Aircraft flies away from origin airport and destination airport.

Apart from selecting the runway at the destination airport and changing your source from GPS to Nav1, is there something i am missing ?

Yes, LNAV is enables while i am changing the source

Ah. If you are going to change to NAV1 you should have LNAV disabled. This is because LNAV flies to the place where NAV1 is tuned in. Like a VOR track. (If im correct)

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Thank you, just tried this now, lined up perfectly on the ILS and landed perfectly !

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also i dont know if u already tried(u prolly have) you can autoland using that

Yes, i actually used it yesterday for the first time, well i should say, got it right for the first time.

LNAV NAV1 just lines you up with the selected runway

How soon are you turning on LNAV NAV1?

anywhere between 30 - 40nm

that is too far, it will take you off your flight plan to line you up with the runway

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