NAV1/GPS Question

I have read the A3XXX overview of the new live instruments (which I love and cant wait to get them on the larger aircrafts) but I have been flying the A321 and A320 and I dont see anything happen differently on any of the displays when i switch between GPS/NAV1. In the XCub there would be changes on the displays but I dont see anything happen when I do it in these aircrafts. I have tried it on multiple points in the flight (pre-takeoff, takeoff, inflight, on approach, etc).

Also just to confirm (as I didnt see this discussed) when the menu says Source GPS does that mean its on GPS or does that mean its on NAV and I need to click the button (so that it shows source NAV1) so that it would be on GPS. Idk if what was displayed in the menu indicated what was active or if the active part was the one not displayed


It doesn’t change anything for the moment.

You have stolen my words, i have same questions in my brain. I hope we will be illuminated.

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This might help

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Yes but the problem is that it never came alive to start with. It does on the XCub as we’re all aware of - but not on the A319, A320 etc.

With the XCub, you’ll see the switch between localizer and normal cruising. With the A32X’s the localizer will come alive regardless you switch GPS or NAV1 settings as long as you’re heading towards the airport you clicked on the map, as if it’s not working yet in this 19.3 as @Q-ENAN just stated above.

So this link from you finds me interested, do you see any changes yourself when you switch between GPS and NAV1, while flying the A320?

Thanks in advance, cheers!

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Really? I never use APPR, so I didn’t know that!

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I think I’ve probably done that a few times then whilst checking lights and equipment 😂

Oh! Well that explains everything :)

Sometimes i wonder if we should just bump the minimum age in here to like… 30 years.


Haha! I’m 13 but agree to that statement, which doesn’t seem right. ;)

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Increase that to 46+ and we’ll be back to square one in no time! Lollz! :D :D :D


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