NAV1 and NAV2

How does NAV2 works? What’s the difference between NAV1 and NAV2?

Best not to comment then.

@Capt.Ortiz I would recommend reading these two:


Eh, close enough! Flashbacks of me doing Hawaiian Island hops yesterday and NAV1 messing the second leg up…

Most planes have two NAVs for convenience and redundancy. They both do the same thing but they are separate radios. They can be tuned to separate things and operate independently from one another. They’re very useful in an actual cockpit environment so you can set standby frequencies on either so you can quickly switch from one frequency to the next. Same idea with setting ground, tower, and approach on your two COM radios.
As far as using it in IF goes, I’m sure you can still find uses for it to help make your workflow more efficient during critical flight phases. Oh, and it does the cool flip flop thingy that Fourthnebula919 linked.

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