NAV waypoint heading changes

Do you guys fly manual when switching from waypoints with big heading changes like over 30 degrees during cruise? I find NAV mode screwing up my turns sometimes and I don’t find it realistic. Whenever it’s approaching a next waypoint, my plane slightly rolls to the left if is turning right and vice versa. When it’s time to change, my plane rolls at its highest bank angle really quickly even for waypoints with heading changes of less than 10 degrees.

Honestly, as long as it works, I’m ok with it.

But I feel like this is something the devs do need to fix because planes don’t turn that quickly or sharply go from going straight to going on an angle within half a second. That is basically a jolt to everyone onboard but we will just have to wait until the devs decide to look at that issue.

For me, I haven’t stalled or nosedived because of it so I guess it works out (but for realism it doesn’t)

For me, when realism doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out.

Hey! That is me too! :D

But you have to look at things you can and cannot control.

For example, I can control whether I do the KSJC right loop departure from 30R or not. If I do it, it increases realism but if I don’t, I’m not being realistic. That I can control.

Now yes, the NAV waypoint heading changes actions can be rough and overall unrealistic, but it is something you CANNOT control as you can’t hack into IF’s code and just change it. You have to wait for when the developers announce this in their updates. So, for now, I’d say we just wait until the devs decide to take a look at this issue and fix it in order to make it more realistic.


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