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Hi everyone,

19.4 came out and it’s absolutely brilliant. Just had a quick question that I wanted to ask

so we have this new NAV system which basically if engaged, flies the aircraft to the runway but without changing altitude. I was wondering when this is necessary and if it corresponds to any real life procedure?

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For APPR/Autoland Make sure you are tuned in to the ILS frequency for the runway you are approaching. Your source in the NAV menu should be set to NAV 1 and BRG 1 set to NAV 1.

See #tutorials for more details


Yes but that doesn’t really answer it. I know how to use it, just don’t know when and why it should be used

You mentioned «without changing altitude» ?

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yeh. I’m really confused now

Both of these features have been in the sim prior to 19.4.

NAV will follow your flight plan and change headings accordingly.
APPR will intercept the glide slope for landing.

yes. but why is this whole new NAV feature needed (eg. NAV 1) when we just have normal GPS NAV?

It’s being used for VOR Navigation! Have a look at this video here, Tyler explains it very well 😊

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I watched it! I just don’t understand why we need this when we could all ready navigate via VORs

Because you couldn’t. Before this update you were able to use VORs as waypoints, yes. Now you’re actually able to do real VOR navigation. You weren’t able to set the CRS, you weren’t able to intercept it realistically. Now you are! 😊

Here’s a nice video that explains VOR navigation im real life!


No, you couldn’t navigate via VORs before, what you could have done before is using the name and position as a fix in you GPS flightplan.
But that’s technically something different.

Edit, to slow…

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thanks ! I’ll watch it now


I didn’t understand how I set approach to runway without ILS and how I set vertical navigation during approach to runway
I mean vertical and horizontal lines during approach yo runway that were before update

Non-ILS approaches do not have vertical guidance.
GPS approaches are now visual approaches.


Thanks. And on ILS approach how do I set vertical navigation? I set ILS to nav1 and I see only line to heading but don’t see vertical guide…

After doing what’s stated above, enable APPR when available.
If not, then follow the vertical guidance in the HUD or on the PFD, just left of the altitude readout.

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I did it with ILS and NAV1, but I saw jnly heading and I didn’t see line of vertical navigation, so I did long landing

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