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Do you need to add the runway you are going to land at in the flight plan in order for nav mode to work or does it do it automatically when you tell ATC which runway you are going to land at?

Hi, Nav only follows your flightplan, it does not descend for you or do an approach for you, you need to all those things manually.
In order to change heading you must deactivate nav mode also, hope this helps and have a spectacular rest of your day :)!

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You should disconnect Nav for approach.

You can also just turn on the APPR, it is only on certain planes though

You should disconnect NAV once in the Traffic Pattern, fly it hand in or use heading mode

If i do that do I need to have runway declared in the flight plan?

No, if you would like to utilise the APPR feature you dont need a flight plan for that runway all you need is to be established on the localiser (extended centerline) of the runway, and glideslope (Vertical Slope) for the runway and he aircraft will fly itself.
More on APPR here :)

I recommend that you check out our community’s great tutorials section ;)


Yes, select it so it doesn’t send you the wrong way

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