NAV not working on 717-200

Whats going on here??? The NAV isnt working!

and dont ask about my speed and climb rate

Strangely, this looks like the characteristics of a typical stall.

With your climb rate Vs Aircraft Weight, this could well be the case. Have you restarted the app and given it a go again without the daft 4000ft/m climb?

Your turn radius might have been too large coming off the previous waypoint, so the plane might be correcting it’s path to follow FPL. One suggestion would be to give ample distance between waypoints to prevent this from happening.


Thanks. Problem fixed!


What fixed it, incase people come here with a similar problem? Also moved this to support, so you can give Archer the tick if that’s the solution!

Having a smaller turn radius @SterlingArcher had the right answer!

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Awesome, give him the tick seems I moved this for you 🤙

As Sterling said, if you make sure your navids are seperated, in this case your A/P thinks it has missed your navid “RTM36” so it is going around to fly back to your navid “KAG05” if you keep a fair distance between navids this will not happen

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