NAV mode?

Hi gang,

I’m new to IF by a couple days but so far am really intrigued by it. Normally I fly X-Plane using VATSIM for ATC but the idea of having a lot of that on my iPhone or iPad is pretty amazing. Anyway, on to my question.

I was wondering if there are plans to include a “NAV mode” to the autopilot that will laterally follow the flight plan you’ve set up. It seems that in IF you basically need to constantly adjust your heading to follow the flight plan vs (as in real aircraft) having the autopilot locked onto your flight plan. Normally you’re either in NAV or HDG mode, meaning that they both can’t be selected at once. So when ATC gives you a command (turn left heading 330 for instance), you can tap heading mode and NAV mode would be disengaged. I’m just wondering if this is a feature the team plans on implementing.

I apologize if this was covered before. I did a search in the forums for NAV mode but didn’t see it.


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LNAV is coming in Global Flight.

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LNAV will be implemented once Global Flight comes out.

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Please note: LNAV may or may not be released with the initial version of global flight. It’s still not 100% sure.