NAV mode

First off, I want to say I love NAV mode! But, with some planes if your turning with NAV mode on, it’s too violent. I wish it was less violent or a setting that sets how aggressive NAV mode can be.


Yeah, how is this in support again?

If this was a features request then you must be TL2 to post in #features. Keep contributing to the community and you will get there! :)

Some planes are better than others. A feature request has already been submitted. Currently there is nothing you can do other than plan shorter angles.


I get this. He means the planes bank way to fast at the waypoints. I would like to see a chage to NAV mode so the aircraft can turn smother

717 and 737 700 for example

This is an A/P thing actually, and there’s a feature request for smoother A/P turns somewhere. Just have to find it ;)

Here it is:

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