Nav Mode Does Circles for No Reason

So while trying to fly from Doha to Los Angeles, I saw that my aircraft was doing circles on liveflight. I check it out, and I see that for some reason, the nav mode didn’t follow my flightplan and just kept spinning my circles. I was over Iran when this happened. I’ve seen photos of early global testing where the nav did circles over the North Pole, which is what my aircraft did. I had to of course end my flight because the autopilot disengaged which sent me plummeting back to the ground. I’m extremely frustrated (I think you know why) and I’d like for this to be fixed ASAP.

iPad Air 2
iOS 10.2.1
Latest Version of Infinite Flight


Were there couple of tight turns in your flight plan? If plane missed the waypoint, plane will turn to try reach waypoint again. However if plane is flying too fast the turn radius will be much larger making it impossible for the plane to turn toward the waypoint to cross it out from the flight plan and move to next waypoint. The plane will end up flying in circle trying to reach the waypoint, happened to me before.


I suggest you to try same flight plan, but slow the plane down when it is approaching tight turns so the plane can reach the waypoints and cross them off from the list of waypoints.

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It may be because NAV mode didn’t complete a leg of the flight, and in an effort to reach the waypoint, its going around (endlessly due to the incompatibility of the turning radius) to try and reach the waypoint.

I was controlling WSSS gnd and twr once when an AFK plane came. It missed the airport (for some reason) and just kept going in rounds.


For your example, I have feeling that afk plane’s nav put it in 360 around the final waypoint. Was it flying in circle above the airport?

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It should have been. Nav would usually disable after the last waypoint for me though.


It isn’t doing this for no reason. The way the NAV mode works is that when the next waypoint is activated, the aircraft turns to get a negligible x-track, or in simpler terms, it turns to fly closer to the line towards the next waypoint.

Your speed is too high and therefore your aircraft’s turn radius is very large, making it difficult to get close enough to the line towards the next waypoint.

There are two workarounds for this.

  • You can manually activate the next waypoint by going to your flight plan, selecting the next waypoint and hitting ‘ACT’ or activate button.

  • If you are still during your initial climb phase, try keeping your speed low, like 220 knts until you’re set to fly a straighter path, and then you can increase it to 250 knts.


Are you sure you were using LNAV and not just generic heading on autopilot?

I guess your aircraft has developed an AI to make a 360 for spacing! 😜

Just kidding! Happened to me once when I made a sharp zig zag turn in the flight plan with three waypoints so close that the NAV was confused to choose the right leg. Make sure your waypoints are far enough for matching the bank angle and speed so you don’t overshoot it. Have a good time.

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The turn radius wasn’t too bad; it’s done sharper ones at the same speed before.

Bank angle for A/P is maximum 25*, it’ll only go smaller when you are approaching the desired heading.

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