NAV Lights not Appearing

Evening IFC,

The last few days I’ve noticed my NAV lights won’t show after landing. I haven’t yet noticed if this happens during cruise as well, but definitely after landing. All of my other lights work. I’ve attached a picture to show what I’m seeing:

Do you have the master switch turned on?

Yes, I do.

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Is the APU or the engines on?

Engines are still running correct ?

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Master and APU are on. Engine is not obviously because I have parked at the gate after landing.

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Is this happening on all aircraft or certain ones to your knowledge?

Has it only continuously happened (without it working) the past few days?

I’m currently in an A380 about 20 minutes from being at my gate. I’ll be able to attempt to reproduce this issue shortly.

Adding on is it just on aircraft with APU’s?

Are Nav Lights the only lights not working?

Had to ask…thats strange because you have power and other lights. Don’t jump on me for suggesting this because we both probably know the answer. What happens in low light conditions (shot in the dark lol)
and is it just that airframe?

@Ecoops123 I haven’t payed attention much to other aircraft. This has only started happening within the last few days, and the last few days I’ve only really been flying the A320. That’d be great if you could reproduce it 👍

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stupid question your nav lights are set to on right?

Ok guys please just pay attention to the original post before replying and above messages. Contains most of the info y’all need.

Anyways, I haven’t tried it in low light conditions, no.

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give me the parameters
so i can load up the same ramp situation and look on mine

Alright well last I was at was Cornwall, in England following a 40 minute flight from Dublin in the EI A320.

time of day and weather
so the lighting is the same…i say this because more than once i thought my nav lights were off on my A320’s

again just going through all possibilities

Have you restarted the app? That may help sometimes.

I had it around noon, which wasn’t current time. Landed about 25 mins ago. Yes I restarted my device already. Weather was maybe 8 knots crosswind for runway 30? Good visibility.

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approx. weather ?

thats EGHQ correct?

Correct and I don’t see how weather is relevant. You can always go ahead and check the ATIS if you need to

Ambient lighting in the sim. Just quessing

ok here is EGHQ at noon 26 km vis
gate A-20
your plane. Engines off APU /Master switch on

I have NAV Lights


Yeah not sure why you have it and I don’t…

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