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When I fly using NAV, every time my plane is a little off of my flight plan. This messes me up when I try to align with the runway. Anyone know why or how to fix it? A picture can be provided, just ask.

It’s rather normal for it to be a bit off, could you please provide the screenshot so I can see excatly how much? Also, while it’s normal it’s a bit off, it has never ment I was not properly alligned, atleast from my experience.

Got it, let me do a take off, expect one in 5 minutes.

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I don’t think the nav is perfect, it just keeps you flying in roughly the direction of your flight plan. For landing, you are better off doing things manually. Once your flying roughly at runway heading, turn off NAV and proceed using manual inputs. It takes a bit of practice, but you’ll get better with experience in no time at all.
If you want anything else just ask. :)

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It’s not by too much, but compared to the runway, it’s a lot.


NAV is not used for Approach. APPR is. You turn on nav after departing and it follows your flight plan to your destination. You then turn it off and fly it manually or turn on APPR. (Note: some planes don’t have APPR)


You don’t use NAV when lining up for the runway. That’s to be done manually.

A slight offtrack is to be expected due to winds etc.

Oh well, @Panther beat me too it :)


Yeah, I usually fly planes without it, and I like to be able to not worry about my heading, and worry about speed and altitude.

That is caused by the winds, it is currently happening on my flight

The waypoint is your destination, it won’t line it up how you want but it will get you there. If you want it to be meticulous then line it up yourself as that’s what you should be doing with the ILS.

A dev can close this topic, I’ve received my answer, thank you everyone for the help.

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