NAV error keeps taking me off course

Question So i did a flight from Seatle to John Wayne Airport once i landed and parked at the gate i didnt end my flight i prepared my next flight to Salt lake City from there when i hit on the nav button it keeps taking me off course and i cant figure out why tho

Have you made sure NAV is set to GPS?

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ive never had this issue before is the picture i sent you correct

Click on the next waypoint in your path and hit “ALT LEG”, should route you towards there

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Hmm… I’m not really sure what’s happening here, is there anything you can see in the NAV or AP that’s different?

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i did that and still taking me off course

Can you send an image of what the map looks like

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Can I see your Flightplan ? On your map ?

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You are complete offset … take a look on your FPL. Than you see your next active leg ( pink) is far away


i changed it to a closer leg and still the same issue

Seems like it’s heading towards here:

Find the of one of the Waypoints circled below (whichever is closer and is in the direction you’re heading) and hit ALT LEG on that waypoint

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Thank you … I was about to make the same
Now haha


ok its working now thank you everyone

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