NAV Database Complaint

Happy Saturday IFC. I’m a little frustrated with IF and the Nav data that is currently being used for pretty much everything. I noticed while flying into KORD on the VEECK5 arrival that about 4 waypoints aren’t used when having selected that star. Yet if I don’t choose the star and put the waypoints in manually I’m able to choose the points that are missing. Why didn’t the developers create the STAR correctly the first time? I’ve found this to be the case at other airports too. My other beef with the NAV Data that is currently being used is that when I’m trying to follow real IRL routes some of the VORs that are listed show up when you search for them yet you can’t use them as a route. Is there talks to have the NAV data updated for regularly? Especially when it comes to VORs.



Infinite flight used to have an agreement with Navblue though I don,t think hat they are working with each other anymore.


Interesting. Have you got a source?


I’ve noticed this on a lot of SIDs and STARs I’m interested in knowing why this is


Yeah sure can

Regarding your concerns with the VORs and STARs, it’s possible that updates to navigation data may be part of the development roadmap. Flight simulation developers often strive to improve and enhance their products based on user feedback and technological advancements.

If you haven’t already, consider posting your concerns and suggestions on Infinite Flight’s community forums. This allows other users to share their experiences and potentially provides the developers with valuable feedback for future updates.

Remember that the development process involves a balance between implementing new features, fixing bugs, and addressing user feedback. Your input as a user is essential in helping the developers prioritize their efforts.

I hope you find a satisfactory resolution to your concerns and continue to enjoy your flights in Infinite Flight!


I completely understand understand that developers are still in the midst of making the IF experience better every single day. By no means does this suggest that I will stop using IF. It’s a great product there’s definitely ways to make it even better. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I believe the STAR issue you described is a limitation of the current system.

Our next update will add support for adding VORTACs and TACANs to your route, as well as showing them on the map; this should cover the majority of use cases


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