NAV Canada CRJ-200 saying Hello! (Calgary)

I was excited to see this very aircraft fly over my house today! This really rare in Calgary, lot’s of spotter were excited to see the NAV CRJ-200 was coming in for ILS Calibration at CYYC.

Here is the shots I took!

Aircraft: NAV Canada CRJ-200
Registration: C-GFIO
Flight #: NVC101
Route: Edmonton to Edmonton???
Camera: Sony A6000 w/ Sony 55-210 lens

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Great shots!
I love the first one!

Keep it up!

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Thank you!

Sorry I didn’t add a birb!

edit: I screwed up, it’s “birb”


Is that private CRJ-200. Never seen that in Calgary!

The correct terminology is birb.

jk lol ur fine :)

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Let me just change that >:)

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It mostly fly’s around in Edmonton most of the time. Today, if you are in the SE area, it flew over a couple of times.
It flew over only once today over NW and SW and multiple times around the Neighborhoods in NE.

I could of spot it.

Yeah, here is the path it took during it’s tour around Calgary!


No I couldn’t take that back lol

No worries, it’s fine.

A fellow YYC Spotter I know, missed it too due to, let’s say Toilet Paper.

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