NAV Canada CRJ-200 (C-GFIO)

NAV Canada is a private not-for-profit corporation that manages Canada’s air traffic. They own 2 CRJ-200s and 1 Bombardier Dash 8 100. These aircraft are used to calibrate various nav aids all across Canada! They recently unveiled a new livery, which looks fantastic.

It would be interesting to see this aircraft in IF as its designed for the specific mission of maintaining Canada’s ATC services.

Photo credits to NAV Canada (Facebook page) -

More information about NAV Canada.

Another great, highly detailed request, I love it! The way the blue looks on the tail is magnificent.


What a nice livery! Would love to see it one day. Need to take a vote out though.


A nice livery, which fits the CRJ-200 pretty well ;)


That’s such a cool looking livery! I really want this on the CRJ!


That’s a great looking livery! The colors on the tail are spectacular. Unfotunately, I need to clear a vote for this.

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That’s a magnificent livery. The color pattern is amazing

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It truly is! Definitely a step up from the older one! I also like how it says ‘Nav Canada’ under the wing. I love it whenever planes have belly pain or the registrations under the wings.

This twitter link has some photos of the jet doing ILS testing at YVR. Very cool!

Fantastic livery, we need this!!