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I’m currently flying an Emirates A380 from Washington Dulles to Dubai International (EK232). I’m around 2 hours away from Dubai, and as this was a nearly 14 hour flight: I did the whole take-off sequence, got my navigation all sorted out, and went to bed.

So on the A380 - you the get “NAV” option. I thought this meant that my flight would fly the route as per the navigation points I had already preselected. However, after I woke up this morning - I found my flight halfway through the Arctic (Off-COURSE). I quickly changed my route, and made it direct to Dubai.

Could someone please explain to me how NAV works? And also on planes like the 777-300ER, you get “NAV APPR”. Whats that all about?



NAV APPR is Autoland as we already know it from the previous Infinite Flight Version.

You have to press “NAV” so the Autopilot follows your FPL.


I am using NAV currently so what I did was to activate NAV once you were close to a waypoint(minutes after takeoff). Contact a moderator for support.

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NAV follows your flight plan, so you must have filed it incorrectly. Could you take a screenshot of your flight plan and post it here?


I don’t have it anymore. :(

But, I’m going to take a guess that my first NAV point was an Airport, and rather than using “+” icon, I mostly likely pressed the “->” icon. Therefore, the AP must have thought that was my destination, because when I went off-course - it was like I had just kept on going straight from the from first nav point. Am i correct?

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true, that’s probably what happened.

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NAV APPR ins navigation and a auto approch

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Also keep in mind that NAV only handles heading. You are responsible for your altitude.

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There is an altitude control you can set I use it all the time now and pre global

The bottom right by the VS button it says ATL on it or something like that

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