Nav 1 or GPS

I cant seem to figure out what happends when I press NAV1 or GPS on the source button in systems in the new Live cockpit

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This may be helpful:


Not helpful as it doesn’t make clear what is happening with this button ?!

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This will explain under the FAQs:

It’s for ILS/GPS approaches. When on an ILS approach, put it on Nav1 and the localizer will come alive. When on a GPS approach and the rest of the flight, put it on GPS


Thanks for the help

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I’ve done both approaches ILS & GPS using NAV1 and source, all I get is the 2 diamond shaped indicators for for Loc and Gs. I see no difference :/

Me as well! Tried a lot approaches on both modes and absolutely no difference

I have the same thing going on in both the 321 and 320 no matter what I select nothing different happens. Doesnt matter where I am in flight or on approach

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I’m pretty sure you only see it in cockpit on the horizontal orientation screen. The hud won’t show the lines

For the Cub, there is indeed a significant difference.

In the A320 family, however, there is no difference since there are two separate displays. Whereas the Cub has a single display which needs to be switched to see the localizer and glideslope, in the Airbus aircraft the ILS is always displayed on the PFD, no matter which of the options is selected, and the flight path is displayed on the MFD, again under both options.


As far as I know the buttons do nothing on the A320. The PFD is always set to show the GS/Loc as long as you have selected the right runway on the HUD.

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