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I just landed in Bishkek with a B777 from Istanbul. As the night was settling, the light grew dim and I chose not to do a visual approach.
I selected the destination airport and tried to activate NAV 1 for runway 26 however the system did not allow me to do so. I never fly to Bishkek but I doubt there isn’t any ILS or GPS systems available.
Does someone experienced something like this ?
I didn’t find any answers on the community.

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If it’s not ILS it won’t be available or you are too far away

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So if no ILS you can’t know if you are aligned with the center of the runway during final ?

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Yes, but you can practice to aim better on GPS, I usually don’t use it to align but to the localicer of height if it’s ILS

Try this tutorial if there is no ILS available (displayed as a red cone leading to the runway). You will most likely have to hand-fly as NAV is not as accurate as APPR, and follow the localiser needle to the runway.

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UCFM has ILS on both runway directions. I will investigate in Nav database and fix if it is missing there.


Edit, the ILSs for UCFM are missing in our database, they will be added and hopefully in next IF navigation update.
Thanks for mentioning @aeroflot518super


Thank you for verifying
I guess not a lot of people use this airport.

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