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Hello today actually right now I’m doing a flight on expert and from past group flights we always use to descend at 120NM will it work for a A330

If it does can you give me a plan please

It’s not about the aircraft. What’s your cruising altitude?

Usually I descend 140-160nm at 1800vs. It’s up to you. Also depending on the altitude of the airport.

I’m sure there are several topics going to be posted below relating to your issue :)

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32 thousand

There’s not topics that I can find and what’s a good descend rate plus at what NM

What’s your destination’s altitude above sea level?

How do I find that out

Click on your destination and on the “info” tab it’ll show “XXXX ft”

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Three hundred twenty five feet

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120 nm is fine. As you’re going down, you should be at around 18,000 feet 60 nautical miles away, and 10,000 feet 35 nautical miles away. You should be constantly adjusting your VS to make sure you hit those.

What is a good VS

Start off at -1600. If you’re going down too fast, bring it to something higher. If you aren’t going down fast enough, lower the VS.

Have a read of this.

Ok thanks for the help

Now to log out, just need that question, so I won’t be able to reply anymore

If you search for when to Descent then there are loads of topics which gives you some good details such as this one

Great vid linked in there to “Captain Joe” who gives a very good explanation on how it’s done.

Happy landings

If you use a 3 degree descent, you need 3*flight level. Ususally I descend about 30nm before that.

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