Nauru Airlines 737-300

Nauru Airlines 737-300


This feature request is for the Nauru Airlines 737-300, with the registration VH-PNI. VH-PNI is a 737-36N with the name Itsirir (Itsirir is a bird native to Nauru). VH-PNI is the only aircraft in Nauru Airlines’ fleet to have a name.

Nauru Airlines is an airline based on the island country of Nauru 🇳🇷. The airlines as gone through three names, starting as Air Nauru in 1969, later changing to Our Airlines, and then Nauru Airlines. Nauru has a fleet of 5 aircraft, four 737-300s, and one 737-300F. The airline flies from Yaren, Nauru to four other destinations:

City Country Airport
Brisbane Australia 🇦🇺 Brisbane Airport (BNE/YBBN)
Majuro Marshall Islands 🇲🇭 Marshall Islands International Airport (MAJ/PKMJ)
Nadi Fiji 🇫🇯 Nadi International Airport (NAN/NFFN)
Tarawa Kiribati 🇰🇮 Bonriki International Airport (TRW/NGTA)

Their 737-300 seats 130 passengers in a one-class configuration.

The 737-300 is the first of the 737 Classic series. It is a narrow-body jet airliner with a range of 2,275 miles with two CFM56-3B-2 engines. It has a maximum of 149 seats. Vote for the 737-300 here:

This request is approved by @Marc, thank you!

I really like the Blue livery on the aircraft. I also like how it is from an underserved region: Oceania and Pacific, but it being on the 737-300 which is an aircraft we do not have yet. However, if IF did work on a 733 I would give this a vote

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Is PH-XXX not Dutch?

They’re using VH-XXX, which is an Australian prefix. Nauru does have its own prefix being C2-XXX, but for whatever reason they chose VH instead.


Oh I see, didnt realise VH was Australian. Thought it was Dutch

They didn’t really choose VH. They purchased the aircraft from Air New Zealand, and didn’t want to go through the trouble of changing registrations, so they kept the VH.

Really? VH-PNI doesn’t seem to have been operated by a Kiwi airline, they’d use ZK, ZL or ZM. With VH-XNU, it has a ZK registration, but was changed to VH anyway.

I am wrong, however 3 of the 4 passenger aircraft in the fleet did previously operate for ANZ, however they did change to VH when operating for Nauru. I guess it is just an unsolved mystery.