NATY Issue due to Duplicate Fixes

So, I saw that NATY started north of DC, which is absolutely incorrect. It starts at the HOIST fix, which is north of DC, but there is another HOIST fix northeast of Goose Bay, Canada, which is the correct fix. I hope this is known and being looked into, I made sure there were no other posts about this before this post.

That’s normal actually, there are some waypoint has the same name.

I am well aware, I wanted to make sure that the fix was fixed to the correct fix.

If you see this response by Cameron it seems that this is down to the supplier/vendor.

As usual not everything is 100% correct and will be improved gradually


Actually this is a different problem. This is a bug for IF because NAT tracks are just text.

Chatta is correct. Please see the following screenshots from below. There are more than one HOIST in the world and the HOIST that it’s using is the one over Washington DC rather than the one in the north Atlantic. The vendor for the data we’re now using is used by airlines across the world. What we have now is way, way, more accurate than what we had in 19.4.

Track Y route shown here


This can be closed now. @DeerCrusher

This data can only get better. Onward and upward 🙂