Naturally Costa Rica: An Infinite Flight Timelapse!

A few weeks ago I started feeling Costa Rica sick, and ended up flying every route by Sansa Airlines, the official airline of Costa Rica, to the airports we have in Infinite Flight (unfortunately over 70 airports in Costa Rica are missing and I’m looking forward to starting a Project Costa Rica when I join IFAET in a few years). This was a flight from the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, from the main airport, Juan Santamaria Airport (SJO/MROC) to Barra de Tortuguero (TTQ/MRBT). I did the flight in a generic Cessna C208, as we do not have the Sansa in Infinite Flight YET, and asked my old buddy @Airbus_737 if he wanted to join me on the Expert Server flight. We both love Costa Rica and go there often. In the video, you go from the mountainous, winding terrain surrounding the city, to the flat farmlands and beautiful rivers of the inland areas, to the dense jungle and beach-side river of the eastern coast of Costa Rica. I found a song to go with it that sounded Costa Rica-like, and matched it up. You’ll see the showcase of the C208, the flight, and some beautiful screenshots of the scenery around the departure and destination airports, provided by the screenshot feature of the replay. One last thing,

Put the Quality All the Way Up to 4K!

Enjoy the video, as you would ice cream on a cone, and have a nice morning/afternoon/evening/night! Cheers! (You’ll have to click on the image to see the video. Make sure to like and subscribe, and leave a comment!)



Great video! Keep up the good work

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Thank you! Expect weekly timelapses, as I have more time with quarantine.

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I forgot to mention that @Airbus_737’s landing is in the video!