NATS tracks only going one way

Hello IFC,
Today I flew from KORD to EIDW, and when I tried to put in the Track A NATS track, my FPL went straight to DOGAL on the other side of the atlantic and then back to the Canadian side. Is there any way to get the NATS track going both ways?

There isn’t a way, tracks only go in one direction and there is no way of fixing that unless you manually input the waypoints


Oh, ok, thanks Jack

If I’m not mistaken, they change around every 12 hours or so based on direction of travel IRL, maybe @Balloonchaser can explain more.

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To add on to @AviatorJack’s great comment… Northern Atlantic Tracks are published and monitored daily based on the best route to optimize fuel burn and flight time for that specific day! Currently, there are two NATs published (due to COVID traffic). Today, NAT A goes East to West while NAT Z goes West to East.

See the established NOTAM below:

It seems to load fine on my side. To add this track into your FPL, click on the “Track A” and then hit the “+” sign. It will give you the exact waypoints/coordinates that are published in the NOTAM.

Once the traffic begins to increase post COVID-19, we can expect upwards of 10 NOTAMs to be published for 10 different tracks.

See here:

Let me know if you have any further questions! Hope you’re enjoying this update! :)


Ok, thanks! :) I’ll keep that in mind

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While @AviatorJack answer is right there are a little more to explain.

Due to heavy traffic over this wide uncontrollable area, the Atlantic is alternatively west/eastbound way only. Check on FR24, quite amusing.

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Mentioned this a day ago or so in fact haha ;)

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