NATS Help?

So I’m trying to create a fpl and I want to include a NAT but none of them are going west. Can someone help me.

I’m currently helping this guy with a similar problem


I can see them but when I add them they want me to go East across the pond

what is this

North Atlantic Track

NATS tracks are continuously updated based on real-world demand and weather.

It’s nighttime in Europe and evening in the US, meaning the majority of planes will be flying East across the pond soon, not West. So right now, the demand for NATS tracks is Eastbound.


Thanks. I’ll go the other way then!

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Wait off topic but why can I select departure when I’m at KORD

I’m not sure what you mean?

I’m on the ground at KORD and in the area with the sids “Departures” is grayed out

This isn’t related but I’ll answer. All the Departures at KORD are Radar vectors by ATC so there are no set procedures.


You can find the SID at the bottom of this page:

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