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Anyone wanting to be ATC in the future?!

Anyone wanting a career in ATC? How about just some fun ATC games? Perfect. I have a challenge for you guys then! NATS, the UK ATC controlling body, has some fun games to test out your ATC aptitude. I suggest a challenge to all reading this! Let’s see who can get the highest score in each game!

Check out the link for each game! I have done two of them to get everyone started (only gave each one one attempt. Just you guys wait though). See below:

IFC Leaderboard:

Shape Tracking:

  • Kyle.Plane: 236,750
  • RealAviation1974: 144,875
  • MarcusCKJ: 144,875
  • UpgradeMe: 119,250
  • Mr Deer: 107,375
  • Ewan F: 66,125
  • Misha: 57,375
  • Etrain: 57,375
  • Lucas_Piedra: 57,375
  • Infinite.Flight: 41,750
  • Joeoreilly77: 23,000

Sequential Memory:

  • jakevaz423: 5233

Reactive Avoidance:

  • jakevaz423: 2671

ATC Landing Game

  • Misha: 18,985

Gateway Game

  • Take as many goes as you want
  • Scores only count if you post a screenshot of your result/high score below
  • Don’t be a sore loser if you are overtaken
  • …I think that is it
  • Oh and this is a wiki. Just add your own score!

Great Idea! I’ll go try it right now!

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Shape Tracking:

ATC Landing Game:

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Do we need to provide proof of our score?

Just take a screenshot (:

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If you forget on the first time, just play it again and grab a shot of your highscore if you just got it

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How does the ATC landing game work? I can’t seem to control the planes.

Click on the arrows to change the direction

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Oh, OK. Will try that now.

Just got 85500 on shape tracking

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Was I good? Lol

Wow! This brings back some old memories! My dad showed me these games a few years back, and I still play them!

I’m not able to edit the post. Are you sure it’s a wiki?

It’s not a wiki, @MishaCamp can make it one.

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My bad. Done


I played it for 2 minutes then got bored. It’s cool that they have done such a thing. Making an interactive game for what could be future NATS ATC controllers is a very good way to get people involved with the traits required for such a job.

107,375 🤷🏼‍♂️


not that easy

image Reactive Avoidance…

119,250 (Hopefully someone can add my score) :)

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