NATS Airspace Explorer

Today NATS (UK ATC agency) brought out an app. It’s called Airspace Explorer:

Basically, It’s FR24, from an ATC point of view. Aircraft have really detailed info, including altitude, airspeed, distances, registration, plus aircraft specifics such as height and wingspan. It also has a 3D view, which puts the aircraft at their various altitudes at scale, so you can see climbs and various levels.

Even cooler is the ATC features- the app allows you to see airspaces, FIRs, UK airways, and other awesome stuff.

It’s free, just available for iPad ATM. If you have an iPad, get this. It’s incredible. (thanks @Ollie)


Interesting, although I think FlightRadar 24 offers all of these things listed:

Regardless, very cool!


If you pay for the sub, yes, but not some of the ATC stuff.

Plus it looks better IMO


I thought it was in beta and to be released later this year?


It’s in beta but was released today.

I’m using it now, very stable and working well

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Link would be great.

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Can someone please link this to me in the App Store? I can’t find it on my iPad…

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Do you like in the U.K.?

No I live in the us… but why would it still not be released world wide? I have a French airline manager game!

@Aussie_Wombat @Stmaarten1778


Unfortunately it’s only available for UK residents :/

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I see it on iOS for America. Not sure but I think I can get it also.


I’m unable to get it and I live in America. I think I would be cool if the FAA made an app similar to this or if FR24 had some features like this app.

This is what I get when I click that link.

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Just type in NATS into the search on the App Store. That’s how I got mine.

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I don’t see it. Please can you send a link from the App Store, I’m on the American too.

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Not available in the Australian AppStore :( Looks like such a great app. Wish the Aussies up top could make something like this.

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Hmm… seems interesting. Hope it is available on other platforms soon.

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