NATS Airspace Explorer

Today NATS (UK ATC agency) brought out an app. It’s called Airspace Explorer:

Basically, It’s FR24, from an ATC point of view. Aircraft have really detailed info, including altitude, airspeed, distances, registration, plus aircraft specifics such as height and wingspan. It also has a 3D view, which puts the aircraft at their various altitudes at scale, so you can see climbs and various levels.

Even cooler is the ATC features- the app allows you to see airspaces, FIRs, UK airways, and other awesome stuff.

It’s free, just available for iPad ATM. If you have an iPad, get this. It’s incredible.

‎NATS - Airspace Explorer on the App Store (thanks @Ollie)


Interesting, although I think FlightRadar 24 offers all of these things listed:

Regardless, very cool!


If you pay for the sub, yes, but not some of the ATC stuff.

Plus it looks better IMO


I thought it was in beta and to be released later this year?


It’s in beta but was released today.

I’m using it now, very stable and working well

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Link would be great.

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Can someone please link this to me in the App Store? I can’t find it on my iPad…

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Do you like in the U.K.?

No I live in the us… but why would it still not be released world wide? I have a French airline manager game!

@Aussie_Wombat @Stmaarten1778


Unfortunately it’s only available for UK residents :/

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I see it on iOS for America. Not sure but I think I can get it also.


I’m unable to get it and I live in America. I think I would be cool if the FAA made an app similar to this or if FR24 had some features like this app.

This is what I get when I click that link.

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Just type in NATS into the search on the App Store. That’s how I got mine.

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I don’t see it. Please can you send a link from the App Store, I’m on the American too.

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Not available in the Australian AppStore :( Looks like such a great app. Wish the Aussies up top could make something like this.

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Hmm… seems interesting. Hope it is available on other platforms soon.

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