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I have recently found out that there use to be a airport in my hometown of Sacramento. The area that i live in called Natomas, use to have an airport down the street that was called Natomas Feild. The down of Natomas was in the northwest area of Sacramento. The part of Sacramento was all field, it was mostly farmers. The Airport lasted from 1945 - 1995 The airport was remove when there was a sudden boom in the Sacramento area with housing. When the production of houses started, the airport was removed because of the neighborhood that was going to take it’s place. But to this day there is still no houses that took it’s place. The airport was left to decay by mother nature. There is nothing left of the airport but the hangar that there was.

Article from the GA News: End is near for Sacramento’s Natomas Field

ACRAMENTO, California — Concerns over liability are threatening a small
Airport near Sacramento. Natomas Field, a 26-acre, privately owned facility,
as been in operation since 1946, but according to one of its owners, it has
utlived its usefulness.
Natomas Field used to be surrounded by agriculture. Now it is surrounded by
homes and business parks. More homes and businesses are springing up, and
that makes airport property owner Jim Gately nervous.




This is all that’s left of the airport today:

I wish this airport was still around today,
What do you think:

Read More About the Airport:


Awesome topic. You should purchase the land and reopen it 😏


Yeah but this is all that left of the airport from google maps

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You need to go on a rampage and knock down all the houses.

The thing that sucks is that in 2004 they has to stop building houses for a bit because the river levies were not up to code, so there were no houses that were built where the airport once was, just useless roads :(

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This is something from the airport history website:

“For several years, Natomas developers were trying to get the airport shut down,
citing it was not part of the master plan for the community.
Pilots say it’s a shame they couldn’t reach a compromise.
The airport was closed in 2000”

This pisses me off so much

Interesting read - thanks for sharing. I’m pleased to know that this small town unintentionally left this great relic alone. I think it’s great to leave pieces of history behind but I do think the airport should’ve stayed open. Like Misha had said, you should purchase the land and open an airport yourself. ;)

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Yeah, these are the posts I like seeing on the community, not negativity, not complaining, not a duplicate, not boring. Just a very nice interesting piece of information he has shared with us :)

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I think there should be airports before neighborhoods

I need to start a fundraiser to get the airport back, maybe not in the same place (Because of noise) but if it can be re-located to somewhere in Natomas, because there are a bunch of empty land spots in Natomas

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