NATO goes hunting, and finds the newest Russian aircraft

The Russians have decided play with their newest toy and NATO has now dubbed it the Black Pearl. The aircraft is based on the TU-134. The Black Pearl has several seats, cool guy too secret radars on it to train people.


Heard this is a bomber crew trainer aircraft. Interesting find!

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Go away NATO. Lol


Does anyone know the reason behind that nose and T-tail-top shape?

Very interesting nose design. Thanks for sharing!

This sure looks like an optical Ilyushin (even thought its a Tupolev) to me 🧐

What a great and aggressive looking aircraft!


I love these Tupolev aircraft, they’re so soviet and I just love their T-tail style. I agree with @Vinne, it looks like a sleek-agressive aircraft!

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Well this so called “toy” sure does look cool! Tupolev and Ilyushin aircraft always look so cool to me.

Ах да, еще один отличный качественный российский / советский самолет.


Ah yes, another great quality Russian/Soviet aircraft.

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Damn this looks like a dragon to me 🐉

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Did the Tu-134 and the Tu-160 have a child?

Lmao! Looks cool.

Lol, looks like the only difference between it and the TU-134 is that weird nose attachment. I’m surprised they even call it a new aircraft…

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