NATO Exercises|KFHU|GAF|

This will be taking place at Fort Huachuca airport in Sierra vista Arizona

Server: Expert

Airport: Sierra Vista Municipal Airport KFHU

Time: 2022-04-02T17:00:00Z2022-04-03T18:00:00Z

We will be doing training for F-16s and A-10s so feel free to join in those, for the A-10s use the callsign HOG and for the F-16s use VIPER
When flying the A-10 please use the Davis Monthan Airforce Base livery.

When training you will be flying in a V formation with the most experienced in front and it will be groups of Two, no flying with different aircraft and also no flying in formation with an F-16 if you are an A-10 and no flying with an A-10 of you are an F-16, when flying in the formation you both must have CallSigns that are in numerical order and you must use this at a conversation forum.


All GAF members please join!

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