NATO East Boarder Operations - Communications Thread [ACTIVE]

Hello everyone! This is a revised continuation of the Thread created by @CrazyBee which had major success over the past week.

This is designed for Fighters, Tankers, Humanitarian, Aerial Command and Surveillance and other NATO operation aircraft/missions to be able to communicate with one another - attempting to replicate the efforts of the current situation as well as future events that unfold. Feel free to add and share photos and timetables of scheduled flights.

As always, please remember to be polite and respectful to others in the thread and inflight. (Also tag others who are not already in the thread - only if they are inflight with a NATO/military plane &/or callsign (using reasonable suspicion) - so they can they can be apart of this, please be responsible).


Airspaces Restrictions

Screenshot 2022-03-01 161038

All States marked in blue are NATO Airspace. All Airspaces with red markings are restricted and prohibited to be flown into with NATO Military Aircraft.

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I’m doing a cargo/supply run from EPWA to UKBB in Kiev with an evacuation mission on the return flight and would like some fighter escorts if possible (C-130J-30 ‘Thunder 01’)

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Just starting up the engines (check flt-plan [FL200, 280Kts])
EDIT - Airborne and enroute to UKBB

what if i’m fly a A10? will there be a tanker available that goes slower?

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Yeah, let’s give it a shot at EPWA (I just landed).

I have a DC-10F Tanker “Orca 86” now doing circuits around EPWA for a few hours at FL260 and Mach 0.64 (250 KIAS)
Everybody is welcome to come and refuel!

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@Mate_Perenyei @Mate_Perenyei1 I noticed you’ve been extensively patrolling the NATO Boarder for the past few days, thought you would want to be part of this thread.



hehehe did you like my send off :D


That was great, I’m usually the type that does an afterburner flyby, showing the underbelly while sweeping the wings, that’s my personal salute style! (Also noticed you liked flying the C208 - same here in addition to the F14 and B737s)

I’m going to be AFK for a few hours but the tanker will still be airborne and available.


@CaptSirKyle Thanks for coming by (I reviewed the flight afterwards), sorry about that, I was AFK and got 3 Speeding Violations while on decent (can somebody tell me why it is not capped at one speed violation before you are ghosted?) - This is why I cannot trust myself with going to sleep, LOL!

@Dubya @Cpt.TC @Captain_Ryan.VO @skylark @BastianH @GAFAlexF Nice to see you in the air! What types of sorties are/were you guys doing?
I’ll be up in the air in a bit.

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I’m Primo 251, headed towards EPWA to begin orbit

26000 ft
Right Hand Turns
Anchor NFR NDB

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Just took off from EPWA - Intercepting and will be escorting/protecting @Cpt.TC until he gets back. Sorry for leaving so quickly @Captain_Ryan.VO

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I was just taking the Boeing C-32 down to Rzeszów for the night after bringing in the Vice President into Warsaw from Joint Base Andrews. Nice to see ya’ll up there!


lets try today again. F16c and F14

is it also possible to refuel 2 tankers?
see photo?


Yes it is! I believe A-10, F-14, F-16, F-22, C-17, C-130, VC-25A, KC-10 (No F/-18 yet). I’ll go up for 1.5-ish hours and then I got to leave (EPWA again)

@Bryann_Dias_Lopes @Big_Chungus nice to see you protecting the skies!


Yes its possible but just the USAF KDC10 can be refuled in air the NAF doesn’t have the option


i’m still flying atm (D-Wasp)

but i’ve allready some photo’s

do you see ! i need fuel…


So you were D-WASP! I could figure out who that callsign was related to (you’ve hidden you IFC tag from the IF servers)

I’ve landed a Tomcat with only 425# left and engine shutdown with 250# after two back to back intercepts with airliners that were entering Ukrainian airspace to provide defensive protection for them - that was a close call that I don’t want to make again!

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This evening, COBO41 is fly on the East Boarder to give you Fuel.

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what? why is my IFC (tag or name) hidden on the IF servers?


your speed was to high sir! can you fly slower?