NATO Days Ostrava Airshow 2019 @LKMT 221100ZSEP19

It’s all right. I guess I’m just going to treat this as a practice for my November IFCAS airshow.

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Well… Banked that too hard on liftoff🤦

When the organiser of the airshow crashes embarrassingly at HIS OWN airshow…

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feels bad though. I was watching you takeoff and then when I saw you getting into that bank at 180 knots, I knew you weren’t gonna make it.

how was my flight though?

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Yeah and to think I’ve practiced almost daily for the last 2-3 weeks without any issue and then that happens, even recorded it. Something felt different today though flying it. I almost considered cutting my display on approach for the touch and go, but thought I’d continue only then crash on climb out🤦

yeah… everybody crashes sometimes I guess. How was my flight though? my favourite part was the low altitude inverted buzz over the airport… what do you think about it?

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Your display was great. Looking forward to seeing that in November.

Normally on that bank out I start banking at 180kts and keep the power at 100% and I’ve normally built up the speed quick enough. Today however obviously not.

There’s now free slots until 1340Z so feel free to go up and practice for November as much as you want. That’s what I’m going to do.

thanks man! definitely looking forward to November as well. are you a member of IFCAS?

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No, I’ve attended plenty of their shows over the years so wanted to take my 787-9 demo and CC130J-30 display team to perform for one last time at an IFCAS show.

oh, so we’re both performing? no wonder your name sounds so familiar.

I’ll definitely come back later to practice for November.

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What server is it?

Casual, but you’ve missed your slot by the way.

I’ll do a xcub

What day is it

What time is it?
I cannot read Zulu?

What does that mean?

Did I miss the event?

Yes you’ve missed your display slot but the event is still going. For future reference you can just Google Zulu times to your local time.

Change of plan - I won’t be returning to practice for November’s airshow. I’m going to sleep now. See you at future sessions though!

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did @DeltaMD88Fan show up for his slot? how was it?

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