NATO AWACS E-3A Component "25th Anniversary"

just love this!
It is just beautiful if you are tired of all grey military planes.
I wanna See this after global and Md11.
didnt find any similar topics


That livery is beautiful! Would love to see this if the E-3A Component is added.

That’s one amazing looking bird

Yes, yes and more yes. It looks amazing

The E-3 is a modified 707 right? If so if the 707 gets added it would have many military variants/liveries

What’s up with the mushroom thing next to the tail?

That’s the nicest livery I have seen in a military plane.

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We need this 707 variant! It would go so well with the 737 version of this too. And that livery is great.

It looks like it’s a,plane to celebrate the world’s birthday!