Nativetoalaska's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Anytime, PM me if you have any questions on anything, I would love to illustrate what I mean or go in more detail!

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Status: Open
Airport: KSZL
Operation Number: 15
ATIS: Whiteman Air Force Base, ATIS information Echo, time 2400 Zulu, wind 100 at 4, temperature 27, dew point 18, departing runway 1, landing runway 1.
NOTAM: This is a United States Air Force Base, military aircraft are allowed. I will be live-streaming this, my YouTube can be found below the airport chart. @IF787 @AviationReports


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  • you forgot direction on takeoff clearance (make right or left traffic)
  • the pattern entry was unecessary because I was doing patterns and didnt come inbound
  • the direction on the clearance (after the option, make right traffic) was okay cause u didnt give the initial direction on clearance as I mentioned above… but if an aircraft is remaining in the pattern, you have to give direction with clerance, then you dont have to say “after the option make left/right traffic” on clearance
  • you forgot to sequence all of us…
  • too many extend downwinds, i’ll call your base, turn base… these wouldn’t be necessary had u sequenced your pilots (trust your pilots)
  • early runway exit (runway exit should be given between 60-70kts)

good luck!

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Thanks, not too happy with my performance either… I’ll take this into consideration next time!

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Whiteman Air Force Base Tower is now closed, good day!

Psttttt title!

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Gotta quit forgetting about that… thanks!

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Status: Open
Operation Number: 50
Airport: KSTL
ATIS: ATIS information Foxtrot, time 2200 Zulu, wind 080 at 5, temperature 29, dew point 14, departing runway 24, landing runway 24.


@IF787 @Vignesh_S @AviationReports
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ATIS: ATIS information Golf, time 2210 Zulu, wind variable at 6, temperature 29, dew point 15, departing runway 24, landing runway 24.
NOTAM: Wind variable, expect runway change.

ATIS: ATIS information Hotel, time 2215 Zulu, wind 080 at 5, temperature 29, dew point 14, departing runway 24, landing runway 24.

24 sounds a very odd runway to use with a wind of 080…

Good headwind, opposite is runway 6.

24 gives you a tail wind. 11 and 12L/12R would be better choices.

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Alrighty then :)

NOTAM: Runway change in progress, all traffic will use runways 12L and 12R.

Plus 12 gets you parallel traffic of course, which you’ll be tested on.

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Attention all aircraft, Saint Louis Lambert Tower is now closed, good day!

I’ll open up later on tonight, something unexpected got in the way, my apologies!