Nationwide Disruptions due to Technological Failures and Potential Cyber Attack

Southwest Airlines’ weather related systems are currently down, causing a nationwide ground-stop and passengers left with hour long delays and sitting on the aircraft for hours. The weather system provides pilots with the necessary weather information needed and mandated by the FAA to conduct a safe flight. Therefore, ALL Southwest departures have stopped, all planes that have landed are sitting on the tarmac waiting for gates, and so much more.

Photos below show aircraft sitting at gates on hour delays as well as aircraft sitting on the tarmac at after arriving and waiting for gates.


That is a lot of Aircraft at Denver thanks for finding this


Of course, if you have twitter many passengers are going off on the Southwest Twitter managers right now😂

It’s sad to see passengers ranting to the FAs or gate agents when they literally have no control over anything

Glad my parents aren’t flying rn haha


It looks to be fixed. Planes are departing now

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Awesome! Glad everything is resolved.

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Yes I am currently waiting to deal with my SW ROn that Shows up at 245am

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Did nobody envision a Wi-Fi printer and a ForeFlight weather report? 😅

I am supposed to be flying on June 30th should I be worried?

the issue has been resolved, as of 13 hours ago


Thanks @dca.iad.aviation

New Issue appears

The internal SWA websites are down

People are having trouble scanning boarding passes and accessing websites

As of 1 hour ago

A system wide connectivity issue

System wide ground stop again

Ironic it happens on Southwest’s 50th anniversary

Wow thats crazy. I think they need to just do an entire system reboot.

I don’t necessarily think it’s something to do with that

I was supposed to fly half an hour ago but no one knew anything about the inter island travel restrictions that were lifted today

mercury is in retrograde, and i guess its worse this week rather than most

Ironic it’s southwest’s 50th anniversary too

Should I still be worried on for the 30th?

Not at all

It’ll be fixed (hopefully) in a few hours

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Thanks @AviationFreak

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I’m glad I was able to check in before the website went down for my flight tomorrow. Looks like planes are waiting for gates at DEN like last night.

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