NationOfAviation’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A


Tracking Thread For NationOfAviation

Airport METAR: -
Pattern Work:

Feedback would be appreciated

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Open @EGNX please do come by.

Feedback in DM

Thank you for coming down mate @GCasali. I’m still open if anyone wants to pop down here. @Menthesuphisth is open at EGCC extremely close by! Pop Fly to/from EGCC if possible.

Don’t forget to get your feedback in, Through PM or just note it down here!


Thanks for the reference! However, EGCC is closed ;-). I will try to fly later to EGNX, if it is still open :D!

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Thank You all for coming down, EGNX is now closed.

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Open @ EGCC please do stop by if your free! :)

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@ EGCC Tower & Ground will be close in 5m unless anyone would want to pop up…

Manchester Ground & Tower is now closed.

Open @ EGBB… Please do come by…

Closed due to lack of traffic

Open @ OMDB Please do stop by

@ OMDB Ground & Tower will be Open for 15m


I am so sorry, I was KLM 888, seems like I am a noob with smaller aircrafts hahaha. Thanks for the controlling.

Only 1 thing. While I was crosswind of RWS 12L, you cleared an aircraft for Immediate T/O, but that wasn’t necessary, since there were no aircrafts at final nor base.

That’s all

Thanks for coming, you disappeared right after landing, it looked like something was going on down there.

The reason I cleared him for immediate was because I felt like he would take too long to take off, it was quite sometime before he taxied, just wanted to be sure.

Dubai Ground & Tower is now closed, Good day.

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