NationOfAviation | ATC Tracking Thread | Closed

This is the ATC Tracking Thread for NationOfAviation

Status: Acctive
Airport: KJFK
Time Started: 1045z
Pattern Work: Allowed
Runways: 31L 31R
Server: Training

Notes: Hello All, Welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread, Please PM me on how your experience was.


Active ATC available @ VABB Mumbai, India. 2230z

Come fly and enjoy! ;)

Time: 23:10z Tower & Ground Closed, Good Day!

Ground available @ KLAX. Started: 0035z

Come and enjoy!

KLAX Ground is now Closed. 0120z

Tower & Groud Active @ KJFK 1045z

Come fly Andy enjoy!

Edit your title to show that you have closed. 🙂

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