National Moderator Appreciation Day

Just want to say thanks to all of the wonderful staff and mods out there. Without you, this community would be chaos lol. Mods deserve more thanks and attention for all the hard work they do.
I mean, ive been suspended before, but I’m actually glad I was in a way, because the moderators are doing their job and they are doing it well.
This should be a day to appreciate all the amazing staff and mods we have here on the IFC.

Thank you! :D


When is the National IFATC Day ? And Follow Instructions Day ?

… asking for a friend ? 🤭


National IFATC day is September 25th, and follow instructions day isn’t a thing lol

*btw these are unofficial dates based on events that happened on the IFC on those dates.

Could continue your appreciation here To All The Mods out there