National Mini-mods appreciation day

Well, as yesterday was “National Moderator Appreciation Day”, let’s admit, its only right to name the day after, which is today the National Mini-Mod Appreciation Day.

Thank you to all the mini-mods out there sincerely, we love you always. Let’s all express our appreciation for them here.


Well isn’t this a funny topic. Happy National mini mod day!


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What do user trust levels do

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Welcome to the infinite flight community

General forum guidelines

Happy minimod day lol


Who said it was National “Mini-mods appreciation” day?🤨
(I guess I’ll join in, Happy Mini-mod day!)

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Good job creating a day for yourself, “certified minimod,” seems like your promotion is on the horizon 😜

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Aww, that’s so cute 🥰


Well… I might have said that

I mean as everyone will know, I am a massive mini-mod around here.

what is a mini-mod? like a trainee?

No problem. Thank you for making appropriate use of the #meta category.


I am the definition of a mini-mod.


Basically people who at times act like mods but aren’t really mods. I was one before I became a regular (my advice: don’t do it excessively, and know what you’re doing if you want to be a good minimod! 🤣)


10/10 explanation that I was trying to get lol

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Someone that pretends to be a mod when having absolutely no power or reputation on the forum.

The sort that eat coloured crayons for breakfast


respectfully, that’s a nope


you did noooooot!!😭💀

And is there anything wrong with that? 🤔

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Not at all. The purple ones are grape flavour!


yes… yes… YES

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Well, call them Marines I guess? Lol

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