National Geographic: O’hare edition

Hola peeps, and welcome to National Geographic: O’hare edition

A Korean 777 getting onto the runway so it can flee to its territory

A United 787-8 pouncing on its prey

An English whale migrating to a warmer climate

A German whale sneaking up on the English whale ready to attack

An Atlas whale heading home after hunting for prey CRJs

A beautiful sight, boeings and airbuses living in harmony

An ugly duckling A330 grew into a beautiful swan A350

I hope you enjoyed, more Nat Geo documentaries coming soon


I have heard that one of the Boeings, like the German Whale, are endangered, is that true?


Yes, unfortunately poachers that go under the code name “Fuel Costs” keep hunting them. Apparently they’re prized because of their 4 engines :(


I hear, their unique ‘Hump’ is a high and prized possession for hunters, or the 'Scrap Yarders"


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