National Flight Centre Ireland Cessna 172 livery

National Flight Centre Pilot Academy, Ireland. 🇮🇪

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Hello everyone,

With the upcoming update of the Cessna C172, here is a livery I would seriously love to see when visiting Ireland.

More About the livery

This Irish Flight School in Dublin, (NFC) contains the largest fleet of the C172 and the C152s throughout the Emerald Isle. The NFC has recently changed their paint job to a newer version of the livery. It’s blue and more modern looking, and it’s replacing all aircrafts. They fly everywhere around Ireland, mainly in Dublin for flight training and scenic flights.

Why I would like to see this livery in Infinite Flight

This is a highly important addition for me and perhaps many Irish people out here. This is a highly recommended paining / livery to fly out of Dublin Weston Airport. One highly recommended airport to fly to is the Aran Islands. My first ever reworked C172 flight will be from this airport.

And to note: let’s finally give some attention to this local airport! I am a regular visitor here and visit their school quite often. Would love to see people fly out of this airport in IF. 👍

If you would like to know more about this flight school and their excellent opportunities for education and attractions, check out NFC’s official website and flight school here!

Nice feature request , been there to fly the 737 sim 😀✈️


Tried that too! Anyways, thanks for the support!

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That is a gorgeous 172 livery. I myself enjoy bush plane hops etc. I’d love to see more like this added to the 172 options.

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One of the routes I am planning to fly out as a group flight with the IFGAC group! Dublin Weston to the Aran Islands. This route will be flown with or without the livery. (If this livery wont come as a possibility).

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I did my PPL at the National flight center and I flew that exact aircraft. I’m doing my ATPL there Next year it’s a great flight school


That logo looks so nice on the tail 😍 you’ll have my vote soon!


Thanks for the vote! 😻

Trust me this livery IS the way we fly through Ireland. Highly recommended!

Nice story and I wish you good luck!

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More liveries are now confirmed for the 19.4 release, I’d love to see this livery! This will become my first flight I will be excited. 👍

Picture Credits via Flickr.

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