National Aviation day coming up August 19th!

Hello all you avgeeks, pilots, virtual pilots, and spotters, This Friday (August 19, 2016) is National Aviation day! What will you be doing on National aviation day?
I will possibly try to convince my parents to take me to planespot at KMHT. If not, then I’ll just draw or play in live :).

P.S if this is a duplicate, I’m sorry. You can close this.


I’m just going to stay home. And try to make videos that day too. Really only if the news will announce it.

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And look at the mustaches? Interesting… :)
It’s also funny how you just say your staying home lol.


Of course I live in NH. And it was too darn hot yesterday!

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It was… Hot everywhere in fact. It sucks here in New Jersey, it’s super humid and muggy.

But back on topic… I’m going to play a lot of IF on the 19th.

Guud :3 have fun

Come out with your VA this saturday to celebrate

Lol I had no idea there was such a day

Now you know :3

I’ll try, I need to reorganize. I couldn’t be an “active” leader per say because of some unrelated events that happened this summer.

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I’ll be flying home :)

what airline?

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Ba to LGW ✈️✈️✈️

have a fun flight :)

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Maybe I’ll fly the skies of Israel flying EL AL company makes a free flight

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Thanks! :) I’ll sub to ur YouTube 😉

Ah, you found out about my YouTube channel eh? thanks for the sub, helps me continue to grow my channel :).

I’m flying on National Aviation day😊 (Delta JFK-BUF)

Maybe @Mark_Denton will create an event 😄

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I’ll ldo a route on live and then I’ll hop into Vatsim and do a long haul