National Airlines to SFO

Today, I was feeling flying in a DC 10, so I did!

Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas DC 10
Route Orlando (KMCO) To San Francisco (KSFO)
Flight Time: 4 hours 56 minutes
Training server

Loading The plane with cargo and passengers… and fuel
Taxiing to Runway 35R A Very good man took a picture from his window while it was taking off 😉
Positive Rate, Gear Up

A passenger in First Class Took This picture while we were over Texas

Descending From FL320 to 26,000 ft

Left downwind from runway 25R

National 951 Heavy is on final, Runway 25L

unloading the plane


Wow, those are some nice photos, and of course a very nice livery!

Keep up the great work ;)

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Great photos! The DC-10 is a fantastic aircraft to fly!

I respect you using the 10 especially in the National livery.👍Great pics😎.

I love that you flew the National Airlines DC-10. My personal favorite wide body and livery in the entire app. This plane and livery is dangerously under appreciated.

I’m seriously digging these angles. Absolutely great photos! I want more!

SFO only has 28L and 28R for landing, maybe you meant 28L?

love the pictures!

I meant 28R, sorry for the confusion 😁

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Beautiful pictures! It’s so good to see this aircraft being used, it’s apparently one of the more challenging ones to land IRL. Looks like you nailed it!

I will hopefully send more in the next few days, so stay tuned 🙂

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actually i almost crashed and did a go around due to the appr acting weird
PD: i use appr to align and then i land mannually

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incredible pictures 📷

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Wow just wow


Some more great photos, @Kafuryto! I love he National Airlines livery!


The National Airlines livery is my personal favorite in the app.

Just recently decided did a flight on the MD11 and it was really fun to fly. I like your pictures, especially the ones taken from the wing!

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