National Airlines Boeing 757-200

Wouldn’t this be great to add


Please search before posting.

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Thx. My Dude. I did search before posting. Next time I won’t forget to search before posting.

Well that topic is a bit old, so you may get to remake it if a Moderator approves such a request.

That said, in the future, when you create a feature request, you need to add way more content to the post. Also, make sure any photos added (1 image per topic) are given proper credit to the owner.

  • Give some background to the livery/aircraft
  • Why should we have it?
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Because I love National Airlines. It’s one of the most beautiful planes. I would love to see the Antonov AN-225 added on Infinite Flight soon!

We understand that you like it. After all, if you didn’t like it, you wouldn’t create a feature request for it, would you 😂 ?

What’s the background behind the livery? Does it have any historical significance? Why should it be considered by the Infinite Flight team, as well as the other members of the forum? These are just some of the questions that should be answered in a feature request.

I might consider voting for this, depending if the old one get’s closed or not, it is to say at least an i n t e r e s t i n g livery

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I am here creating a request today for all of you to vote for this National Airlines Boeing 757-200. How many votes should there be for this to be added?? It is an interesting livery. Should there be at least 9 votes. 10 votes or 20 votes.

It all depends. How unique is the feature? Is it something that is viable and can be included in Infinite Flight? Is it something that is appealing to the public and the Infinite Flight staff and developers. Quality over quantity. We’ve seen features with 7 votes and 1200 votes that have been added. Remember, first impressions are crucial, so maybe spicing up the thread and making it look better than the old one would be a good start.

Here is the Boeing 747 livery

The National Airlines planes on the feature is very unique? It’s the same thing why they added the KLM A350-900, because people wanted to see it added. So now it’s added on IFS. We’ve all saw features with 7 votes. 10 votes. 15 votes. 20 votes & 1017 votes Is the AN-124 or AN-225 going to be added soon. You know that I was upset about the planes were being grounded due to COVID-19. I wanted to speak with all of you guys and never gave me the time to answer. I wanted all of those planes. Thanks for the information for the planes being added and not being added to Infinite Flight.

Why we want National Airlines 757-200.

  1. National Airlines is an Airliner that can fly anywhere

  2. I like Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines because they are one of the most beautiful planes and aircraft

  3. Can we all add an A321neo, A320neo & AN-225 very soon I would love to see them added because I love Alaska Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, Aeromexico, Delta, JetBlue, also because they are colorful. I just can’t stand them

  4. My Name is Jake Stefko and I am an 14 Y/O from Severn, Maryland. I am a good expert of all of the airplanes & I would also love to see an Antonov 124. I will vote for it as soon as i get to TL3

Nothing has been said about adding those aircraft.

At least they might add the Antonov AN-124

You commented on the other feature request 9 days ago…

If you’d like to make a new request, please 1) check with mods, 2) put some work into it, explaining why you want it (there are many nice requests you can look at for ideas) and 3) cite your images.