National Airlines A330-200

Hello! With the upcoming A330 rework, I would love to see the National Airlines A330! Plus it has a beautiful paint job 😍

I think it would be a great addition in use for the many charter flights you could do shuttling sports teams around places.

source: taken from the video

About National Airlines

So please drop a vote if you want this livery when we get the -200!

Jason said on multiple occasions only the -300 will be coming with the A330 rework 🙂


What a great livery. The owner of National is a great guy, also owns a Falcon 900LX… 😁

Also it seems like a A330-300 (those engines)

They have 757-200’s and 747-400’s as well.

Ah darn I just looked. I thought the one we had was the A330-200

Oh well