National Airlines 757-200

Credit in photo.

The National Airlines 757 is a long time member of the fleet, sitting among the 747 aircraft. The aircraft boasts two Rolls Royce RB211 turbofans giving the beast a rocket like thrust to weight ratio.

National’s 757 is mainly used for passenger ops, but recently has been used for cargo operations in the wake of COVID-19.

Aircraft Specifications:

Capacity (195-Y): 184 seats / 170 seats
First Class: 22 / 26
Coach: 162 / 144

Manufacturer: Boeing

Engine Type (max thrust): Rolls-Royce RB211-535E4 / 40,200 lb (179 kN)

Estimated Range: 4,000-4,500 miles - depending upon payload, guests on board and weather conditions

Max Speed: 650 MPH (1046 km/h)

Max Takeoff Weight: 255,000 lbs (115,666 kg)

Max Landing Weight: 210,000 lbs (95,254 kg)

Seat Layout: First Class: 2 x 2 Coach: 3 x 3

Seat Pitch: First Class: 38" (96.5 cm) / 43" (109 cm)
Coach: 32" (81 cm) / 34" (86 cm)

Fuel Capacity: 11,276 gal (42,684 L) estimated

Credit National Airlines

I really hope that the beautiful bird is considered for addition!

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We really need this for reworked 752! Great livery, a lot of routes to fly with it :)


Okay I had to remove a vote for this.

I’ve been flying the IF livery 752 as a substitute for 567CA, but with National adding a new 752 to their fleet shortly (N963CA) this would be the perfect opportunity to add it to IF.
That’s what I’ve done in it between the December ‘20 release and late April of ‘21
Talk about routes!

963CA is an Ex-AA, 2001 vintage 752 with RR’s, winglets, and the flat panel upgrade which we have in IF.

A match made in heaven.


And the good thing is, it’s not a cargo setup. No need to wait for the 757F 👀


It’s such a neat livery, operating unique missions, to super cool places.
The National 757 100% fits the bill for the other liveries we’ve gotten on the 757-200

It would be a lovely edition! Got my vote!

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It would be such a treat to have in IF.

Although it’s N-Reg’d, and owned by an American company, it has flown to every inhabited continent, possibly making it one of the most traveled 757s in the world


I would agree! Its a 757 for anywhere!

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Just a little bump.

N963CA, National Airlines newest 757 entered service a few weeks ago, and it’s already hard at work with 22 flights and almost 30,000 miles flown.


One of the reasons I think the National 757 would be such a great fit in IF is how diverse its flying is, taking it to every corner of the globe would be such a treat.

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I love this, but it reminds me of the incident at baghram airbase ❤️

Wow this has been left abandon

Big bump incoming! One of these rare 757s are coming to Hill AFB today

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Nice addition also used for CMB flights.

What an awesome livery!

It would be nice to have it


Voted! Let’s get it to 10!

Glad to see this livery getting more attention

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Back here again to push this livery into Infinite Flight. Something to add is the airline often flies to military airports for transporting personnel around the country or to other nations

Bumping this! It would be fun to have this charter airline for the 757 as we don’t have many! Very luxurious.

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