National Airlines 747-400BCF

National Airlines

National Airlines is an American airline based in Orlando, Florida. When it was founded, it was called Marley Air. It primarily flies cargo charter flights and passenger charter flights, and on December 16, 2012 began scheduled service from its hub at Orlando Sanford International Airport.


The 747-400BCF (Boeing Converted Freighter), formerly known as the 747-400SF (Special Freighter), is a conversion program for standard passenger 747-400s. The project was launched in 2004 with conversions by approved contractors such as HAECO, KAL Aerospace and SIA Engineering Company. The first Boeing 747-400BCF was redelivered to Cathay Pacific Cargo and entered service on December 20, 2005.Cathay retired the 747-400BCF in 2017 after 11 years of service.

The 747-400BDSF (BeDek Special Freighter) is another passenger-to-freighter conversion, carried out by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). The first 747-400BDSF was redelivered to Air China Cargo in August, 2006.Several Boeing 747-400Ms of EVA Air have been converted as BDSF model after retiring from passenger service.

Neither the 747-400BCF or the 747-400BDSF has a nose cargo door; freight can only be loaded through the side cargo door.

The demand for converted 747-400 freighters declined in the early 2010s, due to the availability of belly cargo capacity on more efficient passenger wide-body twin jets, and new orders for Boeing 747-8F and 777F freighters. Approximately 747-400 aircraft were converted before the programs were terminated; 50 of these converted aircraft were 747-400BCF, with the remaining 29 being 747-400BDSF. Boeing announced the end of their conversion program in 2016, although conversions had ceased years earlier with no orders after 2012.Some converted freighters, that had been retired to desert storage, were returned to active service due to the increase in demand for air cargo capacity in the 2020-2021 COVID era.

The 747-8 was also implemented with cargo, so the -400BCF should be able to be implemented since it’s the same shape as the 400!!!

I have no votes currently. I would think this livery should be part of the 747 redux! It’s stylish!
Lori is a good looking gal!

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I’d like to see it added along with the 747 when it is reworked.

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Which color do you prefer, white, blue, or red?

beautiful 747


Good afternoon, I was able to read a little and the truth would be very nice to see the 747-400F and National would be something very nice to see at airports just like the KLM 747-400F

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