NathanPreuss’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ CYYZ

About Me: I’m a 20 year old Canadian aviation enthusiast and avid player of IF. I am new to the IFATC process and am preparing for my Practical Exam.

Airport: CYYZ (Toronto Pearson) CLOSED
Server: Training
Runways: 15 L/R
Time: 1400 EST / 1800 Z
Date: April 27 2021
Frequency’s: TOWER/GROUND

Training Goal: My goal at this time is to gain experience in controlling a pattern with multiple aircraft.

Thanks to anyone who is able to come out and fly for me.


@Fedex How’d I do. Any feedback? Thanks for coming

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F-EDEX feedback

-when an aircraft requests runway change you should alway give him a pattern entry (enter left base, left downwind…) , after that a sequence if necessary and last the clearance

-the transition should have been 3500 instead of 3000, to calculate transition altitude always add 2500ft (1500ft for the jet’s pattern altitude and 1000ft for vertical separation) to the airfield elevation, with cyyz it can be tricky because doing this you get around 3100ft but you always have to approximate to the higher 500s (otherwise planes would have only 600ft separation
Hope this helps!

Great job overall, tag me next time you open i might hop in!

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Thanks a lot. I’ll take that into account. So when you asked for the runway change there. Would it have been enter left downwind for 15R?

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Yup, correct

Great. Thanks 🙏

@Fedex I’m open again

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CYYZ is open again guys

If you want more practice let me know I’m free today!

@schmidty4198 ill open at CYYZ right now if you wanna hop in

I’m coming if you still open

I’m open. Perfect

@Fedex thanks again


Very well this time, everything was correct!
I suggest practicing at an easier airport, maybe with just 2 parallel runways and changing it form time to time to practice with different airfield elevations, terrains and layouts.

Great job!
As always tag me if you want and I’ll try to come,

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Thanks. Any airport suggestions?

LFBO, LIMC come to my mind right now, but every airport with 2 // runways should be fine,

Thanks very much

That depends, if you had them on left traffic when he asked for the runway change then yes you tell him enter left downwind 15R and then clear for the option after the option make right traffic if that’s the new path you want him to take.

@Fedex do you agree?

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Yes, he was prob referring to my pattern and to that particular case; but generally speaking yes!

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Yea I was referring to the case at hand

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